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SK Sartell Oregon Artist and Home Designer

                          SK Sartell Oregon Artist*DesignerSK Sartell Oregon Artist and Home Designer

  SK Sartell's  humor and influences show in her interior design  and artwork.  Each client becomes a friend. Her clients can attest to the fact;  if SK isn't going to have fun, she probably won't take  the project.

    Sartell's have thirty-five years of interior Design, re-design & complete re-build of many beautiful homes and businesses.
 Sartell's artwork spans from being an Oregon interior  designer, nationally known master carpet sculpture artist, mural painter, graphic designer, & specialty concrete  artist. All this, plus being an all-around do it yourself artist and teacher,  Sartell excels at teaching her unique DIY skills.

   SK & Ron Sartell, are  bonded & licensed general contractors who specialize in custom designing and remodeling older homes needing Sartell's specialized skills of design and artwork. A home in need of magical design touch in paint, custom artwork or a complete new facelift.

    In a world that thrives on Do-It-Yourself projects, SK Sartell is truly a professional. Teaching herself this fine art has been a lifelong  endeavor. As a mural painter, interior designer and general contractor, she has had the opportunity to become proficient in her areas of art.

     SK has been recognized in nationally known magazines, The Good catalog Company (A Readers Digest subsidiary) Harris Publications, Distinctive Kitchen Design, Small Room Decorating  & Cottage Style. Her mural painting, custom carpets, concrete artwork and incredible interior design experience, plus her do-it-yourself skills can be found in these nationally known magazines.

SK's newest projects include water colored and customized children's story books..